Hrithik Roshan dropped a piece of grim news a few days ago when he told fans that his father, popular director and former actor Rakesh Roshan has been diagnosed with early-stage throat cancer and that he will have to go through a surgery. Hrithik Roshan took to his official Instagram account to post a photo of him with Rakesh Roshan and share this news.

Later, he also posted on Twitter that he is happy to inform everybody that Rakesh Roshan’s throat surgery has been done successfully and the doctors say that he will be discharged soon. Wishes and prayers from fans started showering on social media and people were eagerly waiting for updates on his health. Rakesh Roshan’s brother, Rajesh Roshan also tweeted and told people that he is better now and that he will soon be fit. 

Now, the happy time has arrived and Rakesh Roshan has been discharged from the hospital. Rakesh was released today and his son Hrithik Roshan shared this news with everyone. He took to his official Twitter account to post a photo of his happy family taking Rakesh Roshan back home. The photo is one of the most adorable family photos as all of them look immensely happy and relieved. Hrithik Roshan can be seen standing alongside his father Rakesh Roshan and Pinkie Roshan, Eshaan Roshan is also posing with them.

Being the most lovable son, Hrithik Roshan also celebrated his birthday there at the hospital cutting his 45th birthday cake. Well, wishing Rakesh Roshan all the health and power, we hope for his speedy recovery!


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