Ryan Tanveer aka Bandzo3rd is name which doesn’t need any introduction now because via his hard work, dedication, and skills he has earned the name for himself in the rapping world. After a lot of writing and performance practice Ryan decided his stage name “Bandzo3rd” started creating original songs by taking inspirations from real life experiences.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan and then moved to California, USA at the age of 12, has taught him several life lessons which he uses in his rap songs and routines. From very young age he inclined towards the rap to express his thoughts and soon he started creating buzz and people started getting interested towards his Desi Rap songs. Due to growing use of digital media, proved to be beneficial in his emergence as Bandzo3rd started uploading his original and creative content online which created the steady fan following.

Bandzo3rd knows very well about the competition in music industry as there are a lot of people who want to be the successful singers and musicians, however, due to competitiveness and sheer uncertainty of this fields always requires something new and dedication towards the learn new things constantly and apply them in their work. The benefit Bandzo3rd has over his competitors that he has a unique story to tell due to his relentless hardships of his younger days. It inspires him to do what it requires to be efficacious in his field because he understands that the success will be artistically and commercially rewarding.

Being on the streets of California from the young age and native of Pakistan, Bandzo3rd has the excellent command over both desi and English language which is quite essential requirement for a rapper as it helps him to weave inspiring stories and messages with incredible creativity with the words. What a painter does with his paintings, a rapper does that with the words and Bandzo3rd is master of this artistry.

Bandzo3rd has great flow in his songs due to his sound knowledge of music, rhythm, and melody. He is quite good in playing with words and alter his voice according to the need of the song which ultimately helpful in creating an exceptional flow his unique way to delivering. Bandzo3rd is great at freestyling also where he creates entirely intelligent and meaningful verses on the spot. He has created a persona of himself from his personality as he understands that great rappers have the personality that is greater than the fame.