After Luv Ranjan, Vikas Bahl and Varun Grover, Bollywood director Sajid Khan seems to be the latest addition in the #MeToo campaign. Just a day after Bollywood actor Saloni Chopra accused the Housefull director of sexual harassment, another actor Rachel White has described him as one of the creepiest men she has ever met. talking to media over the sexual harassment charges she had levelled against Sajid Khan, Rachel white said that she had no proofs or screenshots to back her story. She added that after reading Saloni’s story, she knew she had to share her experience.

Commenting on the allegations, Rachel White said that people should know that Sajid Khan is a serial offender. Talking to IndianExpress, Rachel White said that several senior actors had denied the role and all the other actors were selected for the movie. Later she got the call telling her that makers were ready having a newcomer as their third lead.

Rachel said that she thought it had all the established actors and the movie will be a good one for her career. Speaking about her first encounter with Sajid Khan, Rachel white said that Sajid Khan called her a Bengal tigress and said that bongs are soo ‘sexy’. when she asked him that how did he know that she was Bengali, he said that he had checked her out on Google.

She added that Sajid Khan had invited her to his home and was staring her like she was nude. She further added that Sajid Khan asked her to seduce him if she wants the role.

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