Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’ franchise after its successful venture into clothing line and jewellery, has decided to launch a new product under the franchise. And it is none other than Being Human’s e-cycle.
As per reports, the e-cycle have been designed by the Bollywood superstar and it is expected to be super comfortable.
As reported by DNA, the cycle is the ‘Sultan’ actors return gift to his fans. The source was quoted saying, “Yes, the e-cycles will soon hit the market. It was completely Salman’s brainchild. He got the entire team to work on it. The cycle has been designed and the team has even done a demo trial. It is slick, cool and new-age. This is his way of giving back some love to his fans.”
The source also revealed that the cycle will have the features that any cycle can have. The source said, “It is battery- automated and rechargeable. So you don’t need to even pedal.” Not just that, there will be other advantages, too. “There are five different modes which can be used. So in Mode 1, if you pedal once, there will be an automatic pedal for you. Likewise, in Mode 2, there will be two auto pedals and in Mode 5, there will be five. It’s all system-generated and customised that way.”
The cycle is expected to be designed for children, men and women differently. “Different designs will be available – for kids, men and women. Salman’s idea was to create something which everyone can use. Something every parent can comfortably gift their kids. Most parents today don’t want to buy a bike for their school or college-going kids, so this will be a more reasonable and practical option,” said the source.
Although the organisation is yet to reveal any details about the launch of its e-cycles the team has reportedly conducted a demo trail.