Actor Randeep Rai started his career on television in 2014 and there has been no looking back since. Today, he plays the lead, Sameer Maheshwari, in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai which is having a successful run. In the second season of the show, we will see Sameer moving from school to college. In this exclusive chat, Randeep Rai talks about playing Sameer, college romances and much more.

NewsX: From school to college now. What is Sameer’s life looking like now?

Randeep Rai: The college time of 90’s was a completely different time period in itself. For instance, the movie, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and quite a few others were a rage at that point in time. The styling and fashion statement was different then, high waist jeans were hugely popular. Similarly, kids used to place friendly bets on smallest of things depicting a distinct competitive spirit. The college fests of the 90’s with dance, music and singing competitions, fun and frolic in the canteens and much more had a different charm. While these still are a part of every college life even today, we will be rewinding back to the time of 1992-93 and bringing alive the essence of college life back then. Interestingly, a lot of Bollywood movies then had few college tracks, which surely will remind the audiences of an era gone by. I am excited about my new look and a new chapter in Sameer’s life and looking forward to it with all enthusiasm.

NewsX: How has playing Sameer been for you as an actor?

Randeep Rai: It has been a wonderful experience. I have amazing fans who love me for what I do. Playing Sameer has changed my life in a wonderful way.

NewsX: How much is Sameer going to change in college? Or his popularity amongst girls?

Randeep Rai: Well, you will have to wait and watch to know about that. But given Sameer’s charm and look, he definitely stands a strong chance to climb the popularity charts in college! But whether he becomes popular or not is something I’ll leave it to the audience’s imagination. But it will be interesting to know and see how the college life used to be back then and draw few comparisons to today’s time. We all know that the fashion of the 90’s has made a comeback so the hook for the viewers will be to not only relive the bygone era but also find what is still in vogue.

NewsX: What do you think about Naina and Sameer’s love story? What will happen?

Randeep Rai: Well, I am not going to give away the entire plot. However, Sameer will move back to Ahmedabad while Naina will continue to study there. However, like any other love story, our story too will progress and move into a new phase. There are a lot of exciting times as well as estrangement in their relationship ahead. But in a matter of time, their romance will have a new lease of life and blossom once again into a beautiful and memorable love story of the 90s. Both of them will be seen going for their first official date, movies etc. The audience will simply have to wait and watch!

NewsX: Given that college romances are popular, what’s your personal life like?

Randeep Rai: Honestly, there are a lot of similarities between Sameer as a character and Randeep as a person. With the show moving into a completely new phase with the college track, it totally feels that I am reliving my college life all over again but in a completely new avatar and a different era. Even my interaction with girls back then and in the track is on a similar line. Back then, when I was at MIT, on my first day in college, a good-looking girl approached me and eventually we ended up exchanging numbers. However, the very next day, I noticed that she had a boyfriend and since then stayed at an arm’s length from her. Today, we are great friends and occasionally meet in Mumbai whenever we can. In fact, school and college days have been the best part of my life, and I do make it a point to stay in touch with my friends. I actively participated in most school and college functions, and I have really fond memories of it.

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