Nandamuri Balakrishna aka Balayya is Tollywood actor and politician and is the sixth son of former Andhra Pradesh CM NT Rama Rao. But this no longer is his claim to fame. Balakrishna as he is popularly known is now a serial slapper after having slapped people who work with him and even his fans. Controversies surrounding Balayya started way back in June 2004 when he fired shots at producer B. Suresh and his colleague Satyanarayana Chowdhary. They both had to be taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.

Things seemed to have died down post that serious incident but in recent times, the actor has been slapping people left and right. Balayya slapped several assistants, attacked fans for taking pics and trying to garland him, slapped a man during his campaign – the list is endless. It seems that the actor has an anger management issue and can get ticked off at the drop of a hat.

Videos of these incidents have gone viral but there’s no apology that has come from Balakrishna at any point.

Balayya slaps fan for trying to garland him:

Now, there are stories doing the rounds that his temper has got his staff afraid to work with him. Balayya is well known in the Telugu film industry for his behaviour and people have never made a big issue out of it.

In recent months though, the number of slapping incidents have drastically increased. Given that he is set to launch his son next year in Tollywood, it doesn’t speak well for an actor-politician who has so many fans to be attacking them instead of appreciating them.

However, some producers have come to his rescue saying that he doesn’t have bouncers with him and hence he is his own personal security. Since bouncers can manhandle people and get away with because they are not known, Balayya faces the heat as he is known actor is their reasoning. But does it justify the constant slap-gate?