Just a few hours after several Bollywood actors levelled sexual harassment charges against director Sajid Khan, four women came out of the closet and named casting director Mukesh Chhabra and Vicky Sidana for sexually harassing them. As per a report by Mid-day, one of the women said that she was sexually harassed in 2017 when she met Mukesh Chhabra of the casting of a movie in 2017. The second woman said that she was so disgusted after the incident, that she left Mumbai. Reacting to the media reports of being named in the #MeToo movement, Mukesh Chhabra refuted the reports and that it was sad that people were resorting to name calling and making allegations.

Speaking their ordeals to Mid-Day, one of the budding actresses said that she had gone to meet Mukesh Chhabra in 2015 for an audition. she said that on the pretext of enacting a romantic scene, Mukesh felt her up and she could feel his hands on her butt. She added that she felt uncomfortable and changed her career domain to engineering.

Meanwhile, reacting to the reports of allegations against Mukesh Chhabra, director Anurag Kashyap said that he neither has any #MeToo story nor evidence about Mukesh Chhabra. He added that he had cut ties with Chhabra over a number of reasons related to casting.

Another budding actress said that Mukesh asked her to compromise and added that she has to sleep with men in power to get the role. On the other hand, an actress accused Vicky Sidana and said that he tried to sexually harass her while she had gone to discuss a project at his house.

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