The entire nation is in grief after the deaths of 40 CRPF soldiers in an attack at the Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Thursday. Just like every other Indian, Bollywood celebrities also extended their condolences to the families of the deceased and condemned the cowardly act. To mark their protest, filmmaker Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar cancelled their visit to a literature conference in Karachi.

After their decision to cancel their visit, actor Kangana Ranaut had taken a jibe on the veteran actor Shabana Azmi and called her anti-national. Kangana Ranaut had said that people like Shabana Azami boost the enemy’s morale. After Kangana’s scathing attack, Shabana Azmi hitting back at the Queen actor said, “You really think at a time like this a personal attack on me can be of any significance when the entire country stands as one in our grief and in condemning this dastardly Pulwama attack? May God bless her.”

A day ago, Kangana had said that Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar are people who encourage the Tukade tukade gang. Kangana Ranaut questioned both the Bollywood veterans that why did they organise an event in Pakistan when Pakistani artists have already been banned in India after the Uri attack.

In Thursday’s attack on the CRPF convoy, 40 soldiers were reportedly killed as a suicide bomber crashed a car loaded with explosives with security force’s truck. The reports say that around 2,500 CRPF personnel were travelling in buses and trucks from Jammu to Srinagar on the national highway. The attack was later claimed by Pakistan funded terror organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed and condemned by the entire nation.

2 responses to “Shabana Azmi hits back at Kangana Ranaut, says may God bless her over anti-national statement”

  1. I suppose Kangna has a very valid point.. Why do you water roots if you don’t like the fruit of the trees. Its absolutely right that artists exchange is stopped by India and these two guys going to pakistan shows pakistan in good light while the same country is involved in killing of thousands of indian people

  2. If anyone catches a cold in India, it is Pakistan’s fault. 40 martyrs is really a big thing comparatively so no wonders there that who can be blamed straight up. Can’t resolve normal crimes and yet, within minutes they know it is Pakistan and the whole populace starts dancing on the pied piper tune.
    Can’t you guys not think for yourself and stop swallowing anything and everything poured in?

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