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Shubhaarambh: Rani to uncover Gunvant’s truth in front of Raja

Shubhaarambh: The television show Shubhaarambh that is aired on Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9 PM is successfully holding the viewers onto the channel by the twists and turns in the storyline these days.
Rani is totally aware of the not-so-good intentions of the whole family and how the family is taking advantage of Raja’s innocense. Rani is looking for ways to expose the intent of the family in front of Raja.
Rani just overheard Gunvant’s nurse talking about how Gunvant gave her money to ratify that he is paralyzed while he actually is all fit and fine which left Rani shocked. Rani asks the nurse to spill the truth.
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Now Rani is totally maddened and decides to reveal Gunvant’s truth in front of Raja. Rani takes a thread and ties it on Gunvant’s hand stating that she got the thread from the temple for his well-being. Gunvant is totally unaware of the fact that Rani knows his truth.
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She ties one corner of the thread to the door handle and pulls out a small container full of kerosene. This makes Gunvant worried, full of anxiety and he doesn’t know how to react.
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Shubhaarambh is a television drama series produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions which has completed 68 episodes and its running time is 24 minutes. The main characters Raja and Rani are played by Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija.
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It will be very interesting to see how Rani will expose the whole family in front of Raja and how would Raja react to this.

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