Australian singer-songwriter and multiple Grammy award nominee Sia gave the most epic and bold response to a photographer who tried to violate her right to privacy. The events unfurled as the paparazzi tried to take a picture of the Cheap Thrills hit-maker while she was sunbathing nude and tried to sell those photographs to a photo agency without her permission. This immediately caught her attention and took to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to address the issue. Shedding light on the incident, Sia shared a picture on Instagram and Twitter which showed her naked from behind. There is a watermark on the image which reads ‘client preview’ and a text on the bottom which reads “If you make the purchase it will be unblurred.”

“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” Sia wrote on her post. With this one post, Sia not only shut down her haters and the photographer but also used the negative publicity to promote her upcoming album Everyday is Christmas. Way to go Sia! Fans from all over the world showered their support for bold move. “I really love that you were so cool about this but I hope u know your real fans would never buy such photos & invade your privacy like that,” one of her supporters said on Twitter.  Another said, “This is how you handle someone trying to leak or blackmail. Sia, you are iconic.”

This is not the first time a celebrity has come under the radar of having their privacy invaded. Actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have previously become victims of their private photos being leaked online.