Biopics seem to be the theme of the season and director Shaad Ali’s Soorma is based on hockey player Sandeep Singh’s life. And in this film, it is talented actor Diljit Dosanjh who essays the role of Sandeep Singh. The movie is set in Shahabad where we see young Sandeep and his brother Bikram (Angad Bedi) being thrown into hockey to fulfil their father’s (Satish Kaushik) dream of having a son play for the Indian hockey team. While Bikram diligently works towards this goal, Sunny aka Sandeep runs away from a terrifying coach and ends up working in the fields. It is when he meets hockey player Manpreet (Taapsee) that his life changes – he gets back on the hockey field and ends up playing for India. But tragedy strikes when he is hit by a bullet in the spine. Does he ever play hockey again? Does he marry Manpreet? What happens to his dreams?

Diljit Dosanjh is the perfect actor to play Sandeep Singh and Soorma is his film all the way. Diljit owns every scene and his subtle acting is very realistic, especially making the emotional scenes tug your heart strings. Diljit’s potential as an actor has also been fully explored in the character of Flicker Singh and he is able to bring depth to this role. In fact, he is so effortless playing hockey that one feels he actually knows how to play the same! Taapsee as the romantic interest in the film is good but it is Angad Bedi who steals the thunder from all the others. He is a surprise package as Bikram and his subtle acting adds to the movie.

Making a biopic is not an easy task and director Shaad Ali has chosen the life of a sports hero who has seen major ups and downs in his career. He has managed to capture all the important aspects of Sandeep Singh’s life but it is not as pacy as Chak De. The story unfolds slowly and with the focus on the romance, it takes away a lot from Sandeep Singh the man and hockey player. The director could have relegated the romance to the background and delved more into Sandeep Singh’s struggles and his road to victory.

Soorma tells the story of an Indian hockey player who overcame all odds and it must be watched for Diljit Dosanjh’s realistic and heart-warming performance.

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