Monday, August 8, 2022

Sourabh Raaj Jain shares experience of stepping into the role of Lord Krishna, says it changes his life

Sourabh Raaj Jain shared his experience of stepping into the role of Lord Krishna in star plus telecasted Mahabharat. The show is itself one of the most-watched and loved the show, people have showered immense love to it. But Lord Krishna’s part was actually mesmerizing and soothing. Sourabh has done the role as better as he could do. He tried to do everything that a role needed. Well, talking about Sourabh he himself speak on the character and talked about his experience to play the most sensitive character.

Lord Krishna is the biggest idol in India and people’s emotions are high on it. One can’t take any risk or cannot do any experiment to this character. But he took his own way to present lord Krishna in Mahabharat. The show begins with the extraordinary entry of Krishna where he talks about life and much more. Sourabh said that he felt some inbuilt energy while doing that show, the maximum dialogues were written on his character but she never felt tired of it.

He has done day and night shoots but the energy always remained high. He got used to for that smile and for that calmness. He never pushed himself to get into the character, it naturally came. He felt so light and positive while performing the character. He said that whenever he looks back to his performance got nostalgic and can’t believe to that energy he felt that time. He said that it was really amazing to do that character because he is sure this will never happen again.

Well, Mahabharat is one of the most lived mythological stories, where Lord Krishna’s role is very important. People watch carefully and listen to it with a hundred per cent concentration. Sourabh also has done many shows but being Krishna he won each and every heart. His fans always appreciate him for such an adorable gesture.

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