Well, former porn star and current Bollywood celebrity Sunny Leone has come out to be a saviour for an Andhra Pradesh farmer. Ankinpally Chenchu Reddy, an Andhra Pradesh farmer has installed two posters of Sunny Leone in a red bikini to ward off the evil eyes to protect his crops from the gaze of passersby. As per reports, the farmer was facing the issue of poor yield from last few years. He reported that there was something wrong with his crop, as at first, it looks healthy but suddenly its production starts deteriorating. The farmer than realized that it is the location of his farm that could be a reason for the problem. According to the farmer, His farm was located next t the road and every passerby can see it.

It was then he decided to install the posters of actress Sunny Leone dressed in a striking red bikini, also carries a line that reads: “Orey, nannu chusi edavakura (Hey, don’t cry or feel jealous of me)!” As per reports, the farmer installed the posters on January 13 and spend around Rs 600 for the same. But strangely it started helping him. “It’s been a month and I can see the difference. People don’t look at my farm as they are busy staring at the pictures,” the farmer was quoted saying. He also revealed that he is not a fan of Leone, But some of his friends told him about her. it was his friend who suggested him to install the pictures because she is very popular.

Despite farmer’s happiness, people do find the poster objectionable and they might irk the police of agricultural authorities, but Reddy Reddy believes that authorities never make an effort to visit the farms. The farmer also tried to go with scarecrows and other methods to save his crops but nothing came out to help him a lot. 

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