A pro-Kannada group in the city of Bengaluru have raised objections towards Bollywood actress Sunny Leone performing at a private event scheduled for New Year’s Eve. The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuvasene said it will not tolerate “such disrespect to Indian and Kannada culture”, and have planned to initiate a protest against the actress’ visit at Maurya Circle on Thursday. R Harish, who is the state president of the pro-Kannada group said that had no objection to Kannada celebrities performing at the event, but will not tolerate Sunny Leone’s presence. “Sunny Leone doesn’t know anything about Kannada culture,” Harish was quoted as saying.“We don’t want our culture and our traditions to be disrupted by barely-clad women performing. We will not let the performance take place at the venue,” Harish added. 

The state president of the pro-Kannada group also acknowledged that it was a private event, but said that didn’t matter. “It’s a private event and the tickets are expensively priced,” he said. “It includes alcohol and other things. Such companies can continue working in the state if they show due respect.” Incidentally, there were no protests or opposition to any of Sunny Leone’s previous visits to the city. Apart from her private visits, the actress visited Bengaluru for movie shootings and has appeared in Sandalwood movies including Luv U Alia, DK, an Indian Kannada satirical film which was directed by Vijay Kampali in 2015. The 36-year-old actress recently made headlines after there were speculations regarding Tollywood debut and was said to be in talks with many prominent filmmakers of the South. 

As per reports, the Bollywood bombshell was given a call sheet of around 150 days for her debut movie. There were further reports that the companies which were behind the impressive computer animations for blockbusters ‘Baahubali’ were also roped in for her debut movie which was speculated to get released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.