Sushant Singh Rajput demise: After Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, the talk around nepotism and mental health has taken social media by a storm. As several members of the film industry call for a more supportive and healthy environment, Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon has made some shocking claims while revealing her own experience.

Condoling Sushant’s death on Twitter, Raveena Tandon said that mean girl gang and camps do exist in the industry. She has been made fun of, removed from films by heroes and their girlfriends and faced the repercussions of fake media stories. All because of it, careers get destroyed and one struggles to keep afloat. In this fight, some survive and some don’t. She added the hashtag #OldWoundsRevisited.

To this, Raveena added when one speaks the truth, they are branded a liar, mad and psychotic. Journalists write pages and pages, which destroy all their hard work. Even though she is born in the industry and is grateful for all that it has given her, the dirty politics by some people can leave an indelible mark. It can also happen to an insider. The more they tried to bury her, the more she fought back.

Raveena concluded by saying that she loves the industry but there are pressures. There are good people but there are also people who play dirty. One has to pick up the pieces and walk again and again with their head held high.

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