Many users on Twitter joined hands under a trending hashtag ‘Talk to a Muslim’ on Tuesday which encourages the fact that India has always embodied ‘Unity in Diversity’. Celebrities and commoners from across India are tweeting, creating a new social media moment. Actor Swara Bhaskar, Gauahar Khan and Zeeshan Ayyub have extended support to the moment while posting pictures with placards and tweets.

“#TalkToAMuslim seriously didn’t think a day would come where talking to a Muslim leader or a commoner would question ur patriotism or ur belief in ur own faith!!by land I am a Hindu, by faith I am a Muslim and by heart n soul INDIAN is my identity !!! #killThehate #spreadlove,” Gauahar Khan tweeted.

Swara wrote, ‘Word. From one of contemporary India’s finest culture scribes 🙂 #TalkToAMuslim’Safvi, on her Twitter handle, posted, ‘I’m an Indian Muslim’I have fun’I enjoy life’I can talk to you on Shakespeare, Ghalib, Meerabai, the Mughals and the First war of Indian independence’Of Muslim contribution to freedom struggle’Come talk to me #TalkToAMuslim #TalktoaMuslim’

‘I’m An Indian Muslim. I’m Human too. You can talk to me.#TalkToAMuslim,’ wrote another user, Zainab Sikander, reposting a tweet by Congress president Rahul Gandhi

The hashtag ‘Talk to a Muslim’ was coined when in the United Kingdom, earlier, when some people started responding to some violent threats, contained in a letter, which promised that April 3 would be marked as a ‘Punish a Muslim Day’.

According to media reports, the phrase ‘Punish a Muslim’ was coined in an anonymous letter distributed to some homes and businesses in east London.

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