This movie is a sequel of sorts to the hit comedy Tamizh Padam which came out in 2010. In this comedy and spoof flick, Shiva plays ACP Shiva who is on the pursuit of Mr P, a don, who kills his wife Priya (Disha Pandey).  Shiva finds himself chasing Mr P (Sathish) all over the world and ends up in various situations. 

What is unique about Tamizh Padam 2 is that it takes on every film possible from Veeram, Irudhi Suttru, Viswaroopam and Vedhalam to Baahubali, Pokkiri, Bhairava and Thupparivalan. There are scenes incorporated from numerous Tamil films of recent times in a highly comical manner. The heroine is also a ‘loos ponnu’, a trend in recent Tamil films where the girl acts like a dumb teenager. The songs in the film are also spoofy- in fact, one of them is the female version of a Dhanush song. 

Director C S Amudhan has given us a film that is highly entertaining and keeps the audience laughing. After a long time, the Tamil film industry has seen a total comedy and it’s a refreshing change from the recent spate of bad films that have released. Shiva and Sathish play a good foil to one another and the characters they both spoofs are also apt. Iswarya does a pretty decent job of playing the romantic interest of Shiva and like all Tamil heroines she has some song and dance routines and some scenes on and off. 

Fans of Tamizh Padam will enjoy Tamizh Padam2 and even those who haven’t seen the first one will find this enjoyable. Don’t miss this fun-filled flick thanks to Shiva, Sathish and C S Amudhan.


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