Actor Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripathi Sharma and Anchal Singh recently joined us on NewsX India A-List to speak about their latest series ‘Yeh kaali kaali Ankhein’ which is available on Netflix. In the exclusive interview, the trio shared insights about their new show and talked about their characters. Read excerpts here:

Sharing her views on the title of the film, and if it’s an appropriate one or not, Shweta said, “Earlier I was not fully convinced about it and we tried to talk Siddharth sir out of this and choosing something else. But now, I am so glad we did not change it because it gives a perfect image of what one sees when they hear ‘Yeh kaali kaali Ankhein’. Our show is potent, it is how love should be. It is a roller coaster ride for the audience.”

We then moved on to Tahir Raj and asked what drew him to the project. Tahir replied, “The character Vikrant I play is the softest parts I have played in terms of being a romantic at heart. He is just an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. He has simple dreams of living in a town with the love of his life. All of this is been put into a whirlwind when this girl from a powerful political family is passionately in love with him. The script works for me because it’s a re-imagination of the title in those dark eyes.”

Anchal Singh talked about her character in the series and also shared her experience of working in this project. Anchal revealed, “What is really beautiful about my character is, apart from playing a dark shade is that it has so many other shades to it. Dark is just one of them. By the end of the series, I wanted people to see the kind of love that my character had for Vikrant that made me twists events in his life. Also, the experience of working with Tahir and Shweta has been so amazing. We had a fun time shooting, even during the pandemic.”

Shweta then exclaimed what she liked about her character in the series ‘Yeh kaali kaali Ankhein’. She said, “There is so much love in my character in this series which I believe was the driving force. I have been a ‘Banaras’ girl in almost all the shows I have done. It is even more fun because the job is tougher. I don’t want the characters to have any other similarity except for the fact that I played that role. So, what I loved the most about my character in this series is that she is strong in a very different way. I loved how one is ready to die, while the other one is ready to kill. Love is the driving force here.

Finally, Tahir shared that he had the privilege of watching his latest film ‘83’ in the theatre with the original ‘83’ players.

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