The Sky Is Pink: Priyanka Chopra’s new venture is based on a girl who faced terminal illness since childhood. It is Dangal fame Zaira Wasim who is roped in the role of immune-deficient girl Aisha Choudhary who became a motivational speaker at the age of 15. In the film, Aisha told the love story of her parents who have completed 25 years together. The movie also depicts how Aisha fought with her illness till her last breath and became a motivational speaker for other.

Aisha Choudhary a name who gave motivation to many, she makes people understand how life is worthy to be happy, how you are worthy to keep yourself happy. Her lectures on a big platform like TedX were appreciated by many but was that too easy for her. No, it was all challenging, she had pain in every breath, it was a fight between death and life every day.

When Aisha was born, she had immunodeficiency and it diagnosed after six months of her birth, due to which doctors suggested bonemarrow transplant. She faced the pulmonary infection as a side-effect of the transplant. Doctors were surprised to see how long she managed to live.

She never gave up, tried to keep herself busy with family and felt isolated in school. She tried to keep herself distracted from her disease but her painful breath reminds her everything at every second. When she underwent medical check-ups she felt so bad because it was all wires around her body and face.

Because of her bone marrow transplant, her lungs became harder and let her to more disease which makes her uncomfortable to talk people in her school so she tried to spend most of his time with his brother but surprisingly she came as the motivational speaker to all at the age of 15.

Her parents supported her in all ways his father, Niren Choudhary was the president of SAO of YUM and her mother Aditi Choudhary was a worker at mental health care. Aisha also wrote a book My Little Epiphanies after the release of her book she died.

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