The Zoya Factor: Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer opened up on their early relations, in an exclusive interview with newsX the new Jodi of Bollywood revealed that they first met at some event through a mutual friend and Dulquer was not an actor that time. They said that they have so many friends in common. Sonam forgot about the first meeting which Dulquer reminded her.

Dulquer said that Sonam is a kind woman, she is nice to people and made everybody comfortable around her. He said that he is quite introvert but Sonam make sure that he will get into the conversation. He said when he met Sonam Kapoor she was a star and Anil Kapoor’s daughter obviously, so it was a big thing for him.

He said working with her was a brilliant experience, to which Sonam said that Dulquer had rejected her 5 films earlier. Every time the actor decides to cast them together but Dulquer refused. She said finally he said yes to work with her. Dulquer said it was because of dates or some unfavourable conditions, he always wanted to work with her and will love to get the opportunity in future.

The Zoya Factor is a film which is based on the novel of the same name, it was written in 2008 by Anuja Chauhan. The plot of the film revolves around the girl Zoya who born at the time when India won its first world cup. So he father felt that she is lucky for Indian Cricket Team. Zoya Solanki started working in an ad agency where she got a chance to interact with Indian cricket skipper Nikhil Khoda and she fell in love with him.

Later, everybody starts believing that the fact that Zoya is actually lucky for team India but Nikhil Khoda refused to accept it and did not believe in any superstitions. Now it will be interesting to see how Zoya Solanki will become the lucky charm for the Indian cricket team.

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