From Tip Tip Barsa Paani to Bhage Re Man: 5 Bollywood songs to turn your lousy monsoon evening saucy: It has been a couple of days since incessant rains hit the Delhi-NCR regions once again. Apart from drenching our long-tired souls, rains can be pretty much disastrous for so many reasons. From being stuck in traffic for hours to actually swimming through the water-logged roads, rains do bring some of the worst memories along with it too. Well, we just can’t continue to crib about the fact but actually, enjoy ourselves when stuck in such jams or situations like that.

What else could be better than music to escape from reality? Music is the medium that let us forget all the bad happening around us and just enjoy the present. What are you about to read are not those suggestions to listen to which old romantic numbers when it rains, but songs that made most of us look at rains more of in a saucy manner. There are a series of Bollywood songs that not only changed the entire idea of rains but also brought the sexier side of monsoon in front of us.

Here is a small assortment of the songs that you need to tune to right now in case you are stuck at home alone or in traffic. Just give it a shot:

Well, we are going to start with TIP TIP BARSA PAANI:

1 Tip Tip Barsa Paani

Laga Laga Re 

Barso Re

Bhage Re Man

Mayya Mayya 



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