The Tamil Nadu government in a decision to bring relief for multiplexes, cinema halls in the state permitted  the theatre owners to increase the price of tickets. Following the increase in the price, cinema halls in the state will now be able to charge up to Rs 160 in multiplexes and Rs 140 in other cinema halls. The Tamil Nadu Theatre Association has been protesting for the long time asking the TN government to to look into their demands which has now finally been approved by the government.

During the high level committee meeting, the representative from various associations from the cinema industry have represented that the film industry is facing a lot of difficulties due to video-piracy, increase in the expenses in running the theaters and film making and enhancement of entertainment tax from 20% to 30%.

The associations have further stated that in view of introduction and enforcement of Goods and Services Tax (GST), they will not be in a position to make films and to operate the cinema theaters at the existing rate of admission and many theaters are being closed. The high-level committee then made some recommendations regarding revision of rates of admission to the cinema theaters in Tamil Nadu:

  • The ticket prices proposed by the film representative are very high. Hence, in the interest of the public welfare, livelihood of the film industry and the financial situation of the state, the ticket price may be increased by 25% over the existing base price.
  • However, increasing the minimum ticket rates of Rs 5 and Rs 10 by 25% will lead to a fractional value. In order to avoid any confusion due to this, the minimum ticket prices may be revised from Rs 5 to Rs 10 from Rs 10 to Rs 15.


Following the recommendations, the government decided to accept the recommendations of the high level committee regarding the revision of rates of admission to the cinema theaters in Tamil Nadu. The revised rates are as follows:

  • To increase the ticket prices by 25% over the existing base price.
  • To revise the existing rates of admission from Rs 7 to Rs 5 and Rs 4 to Rs 10 from Rs 10 to Rs 15.

The Government directed that the rate of admission to the cinema theatre in Tamil Nadu shall be revised as detailed below:

Municpal Corporations                                           A/C Theatre                                     Non A/C Theatre

Minimum                                                                                 Rs 15                                                        Rs 10

Maximum                                                                                 Rs 62.50                                                 Rs 37.50


Minimum                                                                                  Rs 10                                                       Rs 10
Maximum                                                                                  Rs 50                                                      Rs 37.50