While you are wondering how to spend your Valentine’s Day and make your partner feel special, singles seem sorted already with their favourite type of porn on their favourite site. And if you are wondering what were people watching the most on Pornhub, the biggest adult site in the world on the day of love, we have got you covered. Pornhub just released its data analytics of what were the most searched keywords on the site on 14 February – Valentine’s Day and the results might surprise you as they are not the usual stuff that you would get to hear.

Pornography might not be on everyone’s to-do-list on Valentine’s Day but Pornhub witnessed a huge surge in traffic with a few keywords which were repeatedly searched from across the world. The word ‘Valentine’ was by far the most searched term followed by ‘cupid’, ‘love’ and ‘massage.’ The word Valentine skyrocketed with an increase of staggering 3481% while Cupid was searched 652% more times followed by love which was searched over 244% times. Among other keywords which saw an increase in traffic were massage, cuckold, lingerie and others.

Love is still in the air and people are not hesitating from finding some solace on Pornhub, who also offered a free premium pass to its users. Pornhub has not been demanding any card or details and is offering premium service for free which perhaps was the biggest gift for the users as they continued to flood the adult site in large numbers. The Pornhub premium traffic increased by a significant 308% on Valentine’s Day. Chile saw the maximum traffic increase of 7,288% and was followed by Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador.

Pornhub had vowed to provide 24 hours of free premium streaming which played the catalyst and saw users capitalise on the opportunity. Talking about India, the country which has been listed among one of the world’s topmost porn consumers, also witnessed a rise in traffic around Valentine’s eve.