Veteran actor Mumtaz condemned rumours of her death which goes viral on the Internet again. This is not the first time when the internet created Hoax of her death and get self trending. Earlier also Mumtaaz got cleared that with God’s grace she is healthy and happy with her family, now it again goes viral on stage. Mumtaz said that it is not a joke and whosoever is doing this must stop this.

Twice a year this is happening and at times it is funny but this is totally Rubbish. Almighty has given her best kids and grandkids with whom she is staying healthy and safe she added. Mumtaz said that this fake news has created panic amidst her family who stays in a different part of the country. This traumatized them all and then become a part of the joke. People got worried and in lockdown, they found no way to reach us as the flights are closed.

The veteran actor said she is safe in London with her children and grandchildren, they are taking care of her and not letting her go out. She relaxed her fans and said, Mai Zinda Hoon. However, she said she is not afraid of death, this is the ritual of nature who comes in has to move out of this life so there is nothing to fear about it. But making such rumours is not a good idea. Her daughter Tanya told media that her mother is perfectly fine and beautiful at her 72 and everything is okay with her.

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