RAW agent Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri (Kamal Haasan) is back on the pursuit of terrorists but this time in London. In this journey, the two ladies – his wife Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) and his partner Ashmita (Andrea) – accompany him along with his boss (Shekhar Kapur). London and Delhi are the targets of Al Qaeda terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose) and Wisam is on a race to save the cities from destruction.

Unlike Viswaroopam, this movie, which moves between India, Afghanistan and UK, is non-linear in narration and moves between the past and present constantly and herein lies one of the main problems. There are plenty of fights, bomb blasts, underwater stunt sequences, and a race against time to defuse bombs but the end result is a melange of scenes in a film that tests your patience as it gets tedious. The story of this spy thriller is not well-written and sadly despite having some good scenes and stunts, it doesn’t add up to a great spy flick.

Kamal Haasan, of course, is the central character and he has some of the best scenes and dialogues. Given his political career now, he has included some lines that take on current political scenario in the country nationally and locally. The one big emotional scene between Kamal and Waheeda Rehman is quite touching. As for the ladies, Andrea and Pooja, there’s not much for them in terms of performance. While Andrea has one good stunt scene that adds to her role as a RAW agent, Pooja, who plays a nuclear oncologist, has one emotional scene with Waheeda Rehman which stands out. Having Waheeda Rehman plays Wasim’s mother was a good casting coup as the scenes with her are tender and lending softness to an otherwise action-filled film.

Viswaroopam 2 came with a lot of expectations but the clumsy script and bad execution lets down the audience.

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