Amid a raging Hijab controversy across the country, Miss universe Harnaaz Sandhu has expressed the society should stop targeting girls and let them live their life. Harnaaz was speaking at an event held on March 17 as a celebration of Miss Universe 2021’s homecoming.

When asked about her opinion on the hijab controversy, the reporter was interrupted by the organisers to refrain from asking any political questions and ask about her journey and success instead. When pressed by the reporter, Harnaaz responded by questioning why are always girls targetted? Alleging that the reporter was targetting her, she said that even in the issue of hijab, girls are being targetted.

Appealing to people to let girls live the way they choose to, Harnaaz added, “Let her reach her destination, let her fly, those are her wings, don’t cut them. If you must, cut your own.”

Earlier, the Karnataka High Court had dismissed petitions seeking permission to wear Hijab in educational institutions, stating that wearing headscarf is not an essential religious practice. The court added that a uniform dress code should be followed in educational institutions where it has been prescribed. Post which, the petitioners have filed a caveat in Supreme Court.