Hard Kaur is a Punjabi rapper, she is trending these days as she is frequently commenting on the division of Sikh’s and Hindu’s. Hard Kaur is demanding a different nation for the Sikh’s. In June 2019 she was under charges as she made derogatory comments on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. She also made disrespectful comments to PM and blame him for the conditions of Sikh. 

Recently, she made an announcement that she is not going to host the Indian flag on this Independence day, she will be hosting Khalistan flag. She burnt the Indian flag and the video goes viral. Hard Kaur is demanding separation of Sikh’s from this country of Hindu’s. She is protesting against the Hindu religion and current government and showcasing it to social media. She has dragged herself into controversies and falls under multiple charges, the report even says that she is connected with some terrorist group that is funding for Khalistan.

She burst on social media and said, she used to think that their Previous Sikh leaders made mistakes during the partition of India-Pakistan but now she believes that they didn’t make any mistakes in fact they were betrayed by Hindu leaders who made countless fake promises to them.

She added BJP as came in power they started backstabbing to Sikhs, Punjab & Punjabi language people. She stated that this is the reason, deep down majority of Hindutva Terrorist of BJP, CONGRESS, their media puppets, APP, SHIV SENA, and RSS hate Sikhs and murdered 300,000 Sikhs and committed genocide. No matter what BJP will do to their families they will never change their religion from Khalsa to Hindu. She quoted SIKHS ARE WARRIORS.

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I used to think that Sikhs are paying the price of mistake made by previous Sikh leaders during Indo-pak partition but now I believe they didn’t make mistakes but they were betrayed by Hindu leaders who made fake promises to them. Who lied to them. They back stabbed Sikhs, Punjab & Punjabi language as soon as they came in power. Their first goal was to declare and label all Sikhs as hindus constitutionally by misusing the power they attained from 90% sacrificed made by Sikhs for the freedom of India which in return gave them freedom after 12 centuries… Their second goal was to lure us into accepting, admitting and adopting the racist constitution which they couldn’t do. That’s why deep down majority of Hindutva Terrorist of BJP,CONGRESS, APP, SHIV SENA, RSS & their media puppets hate Sikhs and committed genocide and murdered 300,000 Sikhs. We will die but we will never convert to Hinduism regardless which chemical weapons you use on us, how you torture us, how you kill us or our family. Sikhs were never convert to Hinduism and will never become hindus.. SIKHS ARE WARRIORS. We will not be slaves of Hindutva dictators of racist union of India lead by terrorists of rss modi shah etc… #khalistani zindabad #kashmirunderthreat #khalistan Courtesy @panjabissues @sikhs.for.justice

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Hard Kaur posted on her social media account, saying Azaad Khalistan and Azaad Kashmir, the poster also quoted it’s not winning if you’re losing your respect to get it. She shared one picture in which she sarcastically says PM Modi a brilliant person who banned the internet in Kashmir and tweeting for Kashmiri’s.



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