He is an award-winning director who made his feature film debut with ‘Achchamundu! Achchamundu!’ in 2009. Arun Vaidyanathan then went on to produce the R S Prasanna directorial ‘Kalyana Samayal Sadham’ that went on to be remade as the superhit ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdaan’ in Bollywood.

Currently, Arun is working on his next script which he says stars four kids. “I’m very excited about this project and I hope to start shoot in August or September. I am also working on two working series for the OTT space with actor and producer Radhika’s Radaan Mediaworks. The lockdown has been extremely busy for me,”he smiles.

Ask him about the process of writing a script and Arun says candidly, “I wrote the first draft of ‘Achchamundu! Achchamundu!’ But it took me about eight months to get the first draft of ‘Nibunan’ done. There’s no specific timeline for writing a script but rewrites are important.”

He also speaks up for writers and says, “In Bollywood, there are plenty of talented writers and they are well paid. Unfortunately, in Kollywood, writers are hardly paid or not paid at all; being a writer in the Tamil film industry is not aspirational. Unless, you pay writers well, you won’t get more talent coming into the field. Even they have dreams of driving around in a BMW – can’t be just the actor and director who ultimately make money!”

Arun recently made a short film with renowned musician Rajhesh Vaidhya called ‘Redemption’. Interestingly, he has made a lot of short films in the US early on in his career. “I think short films are very important. You should make short films before you attempt a feature film and submit them to all the film festivals. One tip I can give aspiring filmmakers is make sure your short films is less than 10 minutes – you have more chances of getting screened at a film festival. Also, if you have a budget of Rs 1 lakh for a short film, keep aside 50% of it to send the film to international film festivals. The kind of exposure and learning you get from them is tremendous,” he explains.

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