The episode begins with Simmi nagging Ishita. She tells her to go away from her brother, Raman because she has made his life difficult ever since she has entered his life. Ishita says that Param is influencing her to behave this way. Simmi tells her that if anything happens to Raman than the entire blame will be on Ishita. Bhalla ji comes there in the meantime and forbids her from meeting Raman.

Bhalla ji blames her for Raman’s condition and refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter-in-law again. He banishes her and tells her to never show her face if she wishes to see Raman alive again. He makes her swear by Raman. Everything is taken aback. Ishita begs and pleads, but Bhalla ji doesn’t relent. Shagun tries to interfere and defend Ishita, but Bhalla ji commands her to not interfere in their family matters. 

Simmi tries to forcibly throw Ishita outside, but Bhalla ji intervenes and says that he doesn’t want more drama. He says that if Ishita doesn’t leave, they will leave the place. Saying this they go away. Ishita breaks down as she thinks about all that happened. Romi comes and tries and to comfort her. Ishita sobs and says that how will she protect Raman if she is away from him. Romi tells her to not take Bhalla ji’s promise seriously.

Ishita rants about how Param successfully trapped everyone who came his way. Romi asks her if she really pushed Ananya in the past. Ishita says that there is no point in dwelling in the past. Romi apologizes for bringing the issue up. She tells Romi to go and he asks her to come along. She says that she doesn’t want to disobey Bhalla ji’s orders and refuses to go. 

Simmi insists that Bhalla ji should go home and rest. He refuses but eventually relents. Simmi tells Shagun and Mani also to go home. As Simmi is sitting, Param comes and hugs her. He tells her that they have successfully shunned away Ishita from Raman’s life. Simmi says that she is elated that they have given rise to hatred for Ishita in Bhalla ji’s heart. They wish to do the same with Raman. Param convinces her to come and have tea with him in a nearby stall.

Meanwhile, Raman’s blood pressure rises. Ishita notices his situation from outside but remembers Bhalla ji’s words. In the precap, Ishita tries to not show her face to Raman while he criticizes her for not showing enough courtesy and asking him how he is recovering.

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