In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, The Bhallas prepare for Mihika’s mehendi. Everybody sings and dances in the mehendi ceremony. Later, Pihu spoils Mihika’s mehendi along with Aliya and Ruhi. Ruhi secretly tries to apply the ‘shagun ki mehendi’ on Ishita’s hands. Read on below to find out what happens in today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

7:32 PM: The episode begins with Ruhi trying to apply the ‘shagun ki mehendi’ on Ishita’s hands. Ishita is confused at first and then comes around when Ruhi says that only she deserves to put the mehendi and not Mihika. Mrs Bhalla applies the other half on Raman’s hand. Pihu draws a skeleton with the mehendi on Pihu’s hands. 

7:36 PM: Mihika’s hand itches because of the mehendi which Pihu applies on her hands. Ishita is happy to see the beautiful mehendi that Ruhi applied on her hands. Mihika’s hands start to pain because of the mehendi. Ishita comes and tells Simmi and Param that she has put the ‘shagun ki mehendi’. Aditya, Ruhi, Pihu and Aliya come together and celebrate. Simmi decides to take revenge on them in the sangeet. 

7:43 PM: In the next morning, Mrs Bhalla tries to put ointment on Mihika’s hands. Aaliya and Ruhi try to tease Mihika for the light colour of her mehendi and how it signifies that their marriage will not be good. Simmi tells them to stop the nonsense and go away. Ruhi and Aaliya enjoy making fun of Mihika.

7:48-7:53 PM: Ashok and Ishita talk when he tells her to go to Raman’s sangeet in the evening. Ishita goes and Neelu gives her the gajra. When Raman comes and mistakes her for Mihika, Ishita hands him over the gajra. As he tries to wrap the gajra around her, he gets flashbacks from the past. The two of them share a romantic moment.

7:56 PM: Mihika comes and is shocked to see Raman. Raman says that he thought Ishita was Mihika. Pihu, Aliya and Ruhi come. Pihu notices Mihika and says that she is not wearing the saree that she had selected for her because she doesn’t love her. Mihika says that she had dropped lotion on it so she couldn’t wear it. Ishita teases and says that maybe she dropped it herself. Raman says that it is Ishita’s nature to ruin things and not Mihika’s. Mihika and Raman leave after this. Ishita thinks to herself that no matter what Raman will always love her.

7:59 PM: The Iyers come to Raman’s sangeet. When Raman and Ishita accidentally enter together, flowers are showered on them. In the precap, Raman remembers everything from the past and embraces Ishita.





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