In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Aaliya buys a pair of shoes for Kshitia after overhearing her conversation with Pihu. Simmi and Rayna execute their evil plan to mentally disturb Raman. It is all a part of Simmi’s bigger scheme to mentally harass Raman in order to send him to the mental asylum. Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

7:30-35 PM: The episode begins with Simmi trying to mentally harass Raman with by playing a voice note about how the brakes of the car are failed. He wakes up and Simmi tells him that Ishita has taken Pihu in the car to get ice-cream. Raman freaks out in front of the entire house as everyone tries to explain to him that nothing is wrong. Simmi blames Ishita for everything.

7:35-40 PM: Simmi tries to influence the family against Ishita. Romi, Adi and Raman finally find Ishita and she tells them that nothing is wrong with the car. They return home and Mrs Bhalla starts accusing Ishita. Raman said that he heard Madhu tell him the brakes have failed. Mrs Bhalla goes and questions Madhu.

7:45-52 PM: Mrs Bhalla drags Madhu to her house and a duel breaks out between the two families. Simmi plays her game and says that Raman was sleeping when he went to her room, trying to refer to the fact that Raman is losing his mental stability. She relates his condition with Mrs Srivastava who was mentally ill. Simmi tries to convince everyone that Raman is not in a completely healthy mental state. 

7:55-57 PM: Raman thinks that he is going crazy and starts behaving erratically. He says that he doesn’t remember things. He thinks that he is a threat to the family. He agrees with Simmi and says that he should go to the asylum. Ishita is against the idea, however, even Adi says that they should consider the option.

7:58-59 PM: Ishita gets furious and says that they should all stand beside Raman and support him in this difficult time. Raman comes and says that he is not all right. He doesn’t want to harm anyone and is especially worried about Pihu. Ishita tells Simmi that she must be satisfied now. Mrs Bhalla blames Ishita again for everything that is wrong. Raman angrily insists that he should go to the asylum because he isn’t stable. 



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