In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ruhi applies the shagun’s mehendi on Ishita’s hands. Pihu, Aaliya and Ruhi spoil Mihika’s mehendi. Ishita tells Simmi and Param that the mehendi is on her hands. Aaliya and Ruhi tease Mihika. Raman and Ishita share a romantic moment. Later, the Iyers visit the Bhallas for the sangeet. Read on below to find out what happens in today’s episode.

7:32 PM: When Raman and Ishita enter the sangeet, according to Ruhi’s plan flowers are showered at them. Raman tells Aditya that he doesn’t want the media to be at his interview. Ishita asks Ashok to let her know if they get any information from the moneylender. Simmi comes and gloats to Ishita about everything is going according to her plan. Ishita warns her against over-confidence.

7:36 PM: Shagun plants an interview before entering and tells the media that Mihika is marrying for the third time and only for money. Mrs Bhalla pulls her and says that she shouldn’t insult Mihika in front of the guests. Mani comes and tells her that Shagun is his wife and they will leave if she is insulted. Aaliya comes and apologises on Mrs Bhalla’s behalf. Shagun and Mani tell her that they were only acting.

7:43 PM: Pammi Aunty comes and Ruhi tells her that Mihika is getting married to Raman. In order to stop Pammi Aunty from creating any confusion, Simmi makes her dance with the other members of the family. Meanwhile, Ishita goes to find out about the moneylender. Simmi performs in the sangeet.

7:49-7:54 PM: Ishita is dejected after coming back and Shagun tries to cheer her up. Adi and Aaliya come and take her inside for their performance. They tell her to trust them. They enact Raman and Ishita’s love story through their performance. Raman stands up and starts clapping. He says that he remembers everything!

7:58 PM: Everyone is surprised and elated. Ishita goes towards him and asks what he remembers. Raman hugs her and says that he remembers she is Ishita. Param and Simmi are shocked. Raman says that their relationship of the heart so it cannot break. Ruhi and Adi also come and the whole family shares a tight embrace.

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