In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, The Iyers come to the Bhallas to attend Raman’s sangeet. The family members sing and dance in Raman and Mihika’s sangeet. Ishita is worried about the moneylender but Adi and Aaliya take her inside. During Adi and Aaliya’s performance, Raman remembers everything from the past and regains his memory. Read on below to find out what happens in today’s episode.

7:32 PM: The episode begins with Ishita realizing that Raman doesn’t remember anything. She was only day-dreaming. Raman tells her to stop acting like she is the mother. He calls Mihika and says that he is glad that they are getting married. Ishita sobs in the corner and then leaves. 

7:38 PM: Param and Simmi discuss how they need to take care of the kids because they might ruin their plan. Adi apologises to Raman and requests him to let it go because of the sangeet. They drink together to forget it. Adi spikes Raman and Mihika’s drinks. Madhu encourages Ishita to not lose hope and keep trying to bring back Raman’s memories.

7:43-49 PM: The whole family dances and enjoys when the kids lock Mihika in the room. Simmi comes and rescues her. Mihika tells her that someone had spiked her shots. Meanwhile, Ishita and Raman begin dancing together by coincidence. They share a romantic duet.

7:52 PM: Mihika sees them and is about to break the dance on Simmi’s idea. Pihu makes her fall while she is going towards Raman and Mihika. Ishita is about to go to save Mihika, her family members tell her to not go and see their plan unfold.

7:56 PM: Madhu goes to Mihika and says that it wasn’t just Pihu’s plan. She had asked her to do it. She says that she doesn’t have any affections for her. She doesn’t care about Mihika. Madhu starts hyperventilating as she gets emotiona. They take her outside. Simmi tells Mihika to retaliate and tells her to do something huge so that Madhu doesn’t even come in the wedding.

7:59 PM: Param tells Simmi that she has hit the right spot. Raman questions Pihu and she says that she will never accpet anyone other than Ishita as her mother. Mihika goes to Madhu and shouts at her for treating her badly just because she is not her real daughter.


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