In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita asks for Bhavana’s address and reaches her place. She goes inside and asks if Bhavana is there, a small girl tells her that she knows where Bhavana is.She sends her to a room and tells her that she is hidden there.Ishita goes inside and calls out for Bhavana.Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode.

7:30-33 PM: Ishita once again gets attacked by Sonakshi’s Spirit. Raman, Mihika and Romi decide to save Ishita from these dangers. Ishita gets anxious as she is gets chased by Sonakshi’s spirit. Simmi and Param try to scare Ishita by using the spirit drama. Bhavna tries to alert Ishita about Sonakshi’s spirit and tells her that Sonakshi has come to kill her to take revenge. Ruhi learns about Simmi’s evil intentions about harming Ishita and asks Raman to protect her. They all search for Ishita.

7:34-38 PM:  Ishita gets locked and stars crying for help. Raman reaches her location. He hears Ishita screaming and rushes to help her. Bhavna tells Ishita that Sonakshi won’t spare her as Ishita snatched her house. Raman, Romi and Ruhi try to break to door to save Ishita. Bhavna gets possessed by Sonakshi’s spirit and disappears when Raman rescues Ishita. He assures Ishita that he will protect her.

7:50-53 PM: Mani is happy to see Adi working hard. He praises Adi in front of the clients but Adi tells him that he is not ready for the presentation. This makes Mani disappointed and angry and he asks Adi to finish his work according to the deadlines. Mani asks Adi to take Alya’s help as it’s about their reputation. Adi’s ego gets in between and he gets into an argument with Alya when she tries to help him.

7:54-59 PM: Bhalla’s are trying to make Ishita feel better. Simmi wonders what happened to Ishita when she didn’t do anything. Ruhi feels that it’s Simmi behind the attack. Ishita feels bad that she has troubled Raman and everyone else in the house. Raman and Ishita look forward to celebrating festive with the family.


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