In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman, Ishita and the Bhallas reach a castle and try to detect the presence of a spirit using planchette. Later, Ishita gets attacked by the strange woman. Read on below to find out what happens in tonight’s episode.

7:30-37 PM: Aaliya worries about Ishita and tells Adi about it. However, he doesn’t listen and tells Aaliya that he was thinking about Roshni. He says that he is impressed with how Roshni has become independent. Ishita wakes up in the castle in a panicky state and finds herself in chains. She follows the chain and comes near a door that opens and takes her outside.

7:38-41 PM: Ishita encounters the strange black-hooded woman again and pleads with her to leave her alone. She notices that they are bound together in chains. As she goes near the woman, she notices her face in her. She screams and shouts for help. Raman and Shagun come out and Raman tells her that there is no one. Raman tries to console her and says that she is not even bound in chains. 

7:42-47 PM: Shagun thinks that she has to get to the root of all this. At that time she gets Mihika’s call. Mihika informs her about the clairvoyant. Shagun is shocked to hear this and tells Mihika about all that is happening with Ishita. Meanwhile, Adi gets a call from Romi’s kidnapper. He seeks Roshni’s help to solve the issue.

7:54-59 PM: Ishita is disturbed with all that has been happening. She blames herself for ruining the London trip. Raman tries to cheer her up and says that she is being too harsh on herself. He tries to brighten up her mood by giving her flowers and singing songs for her.

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