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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka February 24th 2020 written updates: Aman saves Roshani

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka February 24th 2020 written updates: Aman got some vibes hat Roshani is in danger. He followed his vibes and tried to reach to Roshani. Roshani tried to protect herself from Malika’s brother, she tried to escape and entered into the washroom. She closes the door of the washroom and waited for someone to save her. Malika’s brother convinced her to get out but Roshani did not come.

Aman came to his room as room service, then he beat Malika’s brother and leave him in a terrific condition. Roshani then came out and saw Ibrahim. Roshani felt that Ibrahim saved her and left with him. Then Roshani asked Aman for her Rs 20000 check. Aman taunts Roshani and said that she is the biggest money minder and will never forget about the money.

Roshani said that the same happened with Mr. Khan he knows that Malika is not a nice girl but he still dealt with her. Roshani did not know that Aman had cancelled the deal with Malika. Roshani had gone for her Kidney match with Parveen and she was waiting for the reports. Aman was also waiting for the donor for Parveen.


Roshani take medicines home for Salma and made her feel happy with her chit chat. Roshani came to the office and got to know that Aman saves her from Malika’s brother, not Ibrahim. Roshani tried to ask Aman that why did he cancel his deal with Malika. Aman and Roshani shared a close moment but then get apart again.

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