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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka March 5, 2020 written updates: Mr Chhotu is in danger

Aman and Roshani who were continuously trying to get their home back failed again and again. The couple tried a lot but none of their ideas were working. Somehow Aman and Roshani broke the red moon but they did not get the house back. Then they saw that the moon was showing it’s power and getting healed. Roshni got hyper and started shouting that this cannot happen to the family.
She applied all her supernatural powers to stop the healing of the moon. Roshani asked Aman to help her and said that she cannot do this alone, she needs Aman. Aman then thinks how he can help Roshani, Aman then called his special sword and used its power. Aman and Roshani stopped the healing but still, they were not able to protect the family.
Aman then said that this all happened because of Roshani, he said Roshani is the biggest mistake and now she should not show any concern. Then Roshani lashed out on Aman and said that if Roshani is such a big problem, only Roshani is responsible for everything then why did he save her. Roshani said that Aman should not go to protect her or he should stop blaming her. Roshani then said if there will be no terrace on the house he could have protected the family. Aman asked her to repeat, she said she could save her family by using Ayana powers.

Aman got and idea and he tried to destroy the roof by his sword and asked Roshani to use her powers. The couple goes as per the plan and it worked. Aman and Roshani successfully get the family out of the house. Suddenly Roshani realizes that Mr Chhotu was not there. Roshani and Aman use all their powers along with the family and get the house back. Whereas, Parveen also gets her conscious.

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