Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke spoiler alert: Meenakshi to create diffrences between Kuhu and Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke in its recent episode will show high voltage drama. Rajshree is worried about Abir’s condition, on the other hand, Mishti scolds Kuhu about Abir’s condition and asks her to stop experimenting with her evil deeds. Mishti warns her to stay away from Abir and not to think of harming him again. Abir’s condition is worsening with time and he faints in front of the temple. Abir’s health issue was the reason why Mishti failed to attend the Pooja.
Meenakshi wants Mishti and Kuhu to leave the house make makes every possible effort to make her plan successful. Mishti is not aware of Meenakshi’s plan and scolds Kuhu as she finds her guilty in worsening Abir’s condition. As per the doctors’ suggestion, Mishti kisses Abir and asks him to sleep without thinking of anything else. Mishti wishes Abir to get well soon. The entire family is tensed and worried about Abir’s condition whereas Kunal standing along with Kuhu on the stairs asks her to provide him with any of the information she gets to know about Abir rather than keeping it secret.
In the end, the doctor comes and says that after examining they found a foreign substance that is present in sleeping pills. The doctor expected that Kabir might have eaten sleeping pills leaving inmates shocked. Mishti suspects Kuhu behind this reason and gives her an angry look. The doctor further ends up saying that Kabir had more than one sleeping pills which should be reported to the police.
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Meenakshi keeps an eye on Mishti’s attitude towards Kuhu and finds it a perfect time to create differences between both of them.

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