Thursday, August 11, 2022

Young & talented Sampath Rai making waves on internet through his gameplays on RaiStar channel

With the craze of online gaming amongst the youths, the action games like Free Fire, PUBG have earned popularity in no time. Free Fire has become one of the favourite games and is trending as the most popular game played. The gaming world also is seeing the rise in content creation by YouTubers and Gamers. YouTuber Sampath Rai is presently the sensational Gamer known for his unmatched gameplays and video skills. His channels ‘RaiStar’ & ‘Rai Live’ are trending on YouTube with 6.16 Million & 2.4 Million subscribers respectively.

Sampath Rai was interested in playing online games since childhood. Unlike other parents, his parents also wanted him to focus on his studies and do some reputed jobs in the future. Sampath comes from a middle-class family in Kerala & his father is a Government official.

In 2017, when Free Fire was launched, Sampath got interested in playing games instead of studying. “I have completely lost my interest in studies and was always playing games online. I found studies boring in front of playing games,” says Sampath.

There was zero support of the family initially. Also, the relatives criticized Sampath for not focusing on his studies. But Sampath was passionate about his gaming career and wants to achieve something big in this gaming world. He ignored all the slamming and blaming of family & relatives and started his YouTube career with full “JOSH!”

Sampath created his YouTube channel ‘RaiStar’ with just one subscriber. He learned many things, took the guidance of Gyan Gaming, and learned how to earn money from YouTube. His activeness, attitude of learning new things interacted with many social friends. He learned various gameplay techniques and new skills from everyone.

Soon Sampath started posting his gameplay videos and started getting new likes and subscribers. Today, his channel adores a whopping 6.16 Million subscribers and millions of views to his videos. It was no looking back for Sampath Rai now!

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