Being a Shah Rukh Khan fan, I am quite sure most of you must be drooling over his adorable new avatar in his next big flick ‘Zero’. Well, I am not a huge SRK fan but I do keep a watch on his every performance. For me, Shah Rukh Khan is an actor whose genre is romantic and how could you forget his signature pose – spreading his arms and inviting his beloved for a hug – which is more famous than the actor himself. In recent times, the ‘Raees’ actor has tried to reform his constant screen image and has tried few unconventional roles. In the movie Fan, the actor did a remarkable job but people were not impressed with his different avatar, so his efforts go in vain.

On December 31, the actor along with the director Aanand L. Rai made an announcement regarding his upcoming big flick.  On the New Year’s Day, SRK’s fans were all amazed to see their favourite star in his new avatar. For me, this was something unexpected from SRK. Yes, he was dancing and doing all the things he is good at but there was something unique. The actor was looking smaller than ordinary and adorable too. SRK has made me both confused and excited with the teaser of ‘Zero’. Well, for the first time, I have no idea about what to expect and what not to.

Shah Rukh Khan has left his fans contemplating over the teaser and the experiment is going to be a game changer for the star. Before jumping to any conclusions or making those wild guesses, we should better wait for the movie’s trailer and the movie to come out. I am sure SRK’s fan cannot keep the calm but they have too. Let us see, what SRK has brought this time to amaze his fans.


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