Thursday, November 30, 2023

Entrepreneur Aditya Modak exhibits business expertise effortlessly

Some read quotes; some say quotes, some abide by it and imbibe the saying turning their life upside down. One of the most popular lines stated by Tony Gaskins, “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Young entrepreneur Aditya Modak extracted the true essence of the quote and kick started his journey as an aspiring and intelligent entrepreneur.
Aditya Modak holds a degree in hotel management from esteem institute ITM – IHM. Dated four years back, Aditya worked with the bigwigs in the hospitality sector the creme de la creme list includes Fortune Exotica, Intercontinental, St. Regis, Marriott to mention a few. The catering business was in full swing and at the ripe time in his career Aditya felt like switching his business venture. Aditya’s vision was crystal clear, where everyone associated with him were touting the move as risk, Aditya’s eyes blinked hinting at the glimpse of the future reward.
Aditya with calculative measures, strong will, passion and abundant love for canines started his new venture named ‘K9 Kennels’. This enterprise which started for the sheer love for canines gradually yielded outcome for Aditya as his name emerged in the trading and breeding business of canines.
Aditya is successfully handling both his businesses, a true multitasker Aditya shares his experiences on how he effortlessly manages both the business, “For the catering, we have a group and my Dad alongside my uncle cares for that now as I’m too bustling these days in this Dog trading business. My day resembles a 100-200 with 1-3 canine conveyances for every day. I love what I do and this has given me the inspiration to begin my own kennel.  As time passes by, I get the chance to find out an ever increasing number of things. Nothing is inconceivable if you set your objectives. Simply be determined and go all out.”
Aditya has offered his services to who’s who of Bollywood and political gallery. In all true sense Aditya Modak has turned his passion and love in life into capital and is yielding fair outcome and goodwill, that’s the mark of a true entrepreneur.

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