Friday, December 1, 2023

EU countries supporting Ukraine with weapons, other help, says Polish Envoy to India

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Poland Ambassador Adam Burakowski on Saturday said that all European countries (EU) are helping Ukraine with weapons and humanitarian aid as Kiev continues to fight against Russia’s military operations. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Poland’s envoy condemned Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. “Poland stand with Ukraine and others European Countries (EU) are providing weapon support to Ukraine in the fight with Russia. Ukraine is a peaceful country and I am sure Kiev will resist the aggression of Moscow,” Burakowski said.

“Russia is targeting people in Ukraine by its military force. Russian forces are attacking civilians and Ukraine is fighting for its defence. Poland including NATO countries are condemning Russia strongly,” Poland envoy told ANI. Given the circumstances of the war, the European Union imposed sanctions on the Russian officials. “After taking attacking decision for attacking peaceful country (Ukraine), EU nations and other organisations made sanctioned on Russian officials,” he said further.

When asked why India abstained from a UN Security Council resolution on Russia’s military action in Ukraine, Burakowski replied, “India is an independent country and it can take decisions its own.” Poland is welcoming refugees to its soil for citizens who have suffered from Russian action, including Indians. “Poland is ready to accept refugees from Ukraine. An aggressive attack by Russia created a major problem for citizens of our country and Indians in Ukraine.

There are around 20,000 Indian students, of course, victims of Russian aggression attacks because of Russian attacks on civilians also. Indian students escaped from Russian bullets and bombs and we are helping them. They can go to the Polish border and cross the border this action is coordinated with the Indian embassy,” Burakowski said.

The evacuation of Indians from Poland by special flights is underway and there are no more details available to share at the moment. The Ministry of External Affairs will only announce the operation of special flights from Poland, further informed Poland’s envoy during the interview. 

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