Every business needs systems; online business is no different: Abhay Sharma

9 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Abhay Sharma Business

Entrepreneur Abhay Sharma believes that starting a business is very simple but the real test is when you need more of everything in your business. This is the stage where the need for systems is re...

Systems and Processes are the foundation pillars of every successful business. Each function of your business— the marketing, the sales, the operations, or even finance — is essential for a framework that can be overseen or improved by applying the right standards.

It is a misconception that you don’t need systems for running and scaling your business business. Implementing systems is not equal to implementing software or technology business solutions. Every business must first create structures for each process and then only go for technology or business solution.

Entrepreneur Abhay Sharma emphasized the importance of implementing systems for online business in his interview. He said, “Starting a business is very simple. You have an idea, you see the demand, understand customer needs, and then deliver using your products/services.

The real test is when your business starts to grow, and you need more of everything in your business. More leads, more sales, more products/services, more resources, etc. That’s when the need for systems is realized even for an online business.”

It is a notion that if you want to start and scale an online business, all you need is a laptop and internet connection. That’s why starting an online business is so popular nowadays, and everyone is teaching you how to launch an online business without hiring a team or renting an expensive office.

When asked, is it that simple and true? Abhay Sharma added, “It is true up to some extent. Anyone can launch an online business and start earning from the comfort of their home. If somebody wants to replace their day job with an online business, it is absolutely true. But scaling an online business is not a one-person show. For that, you need systems, tools, team members, and sometimes infrastructure.”

For a traditional business, there’s a need for so many resources like initial capital, a physical space, business function-wise team, different marketing channels, sales strategies, meetings, travels, software, automation, supply chain, and so much.

Every business type has its advantages and disadvantages. Considering the current pandemic, more entrepreneurs and business owners considering launching new verticals or businesses online instead of a physical. And understanding the systems required for launching and scaling an online business is crucial. Towards the end of the interview, we asked, what kind of systems are a must for online business owners?

Abhay Sharma suggested, “Well, there are many types of online businesses, and there may be variations on systems and business solutions. But, according to me, the most important systems to be implemented are:

Marketing – Clearly define the marketing objectives and channels. Then create a start-to-end marketing process and then implement software to systemize and automate it. It may include Lead Generation funnels, email marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic designing, content marketing, and more.

Sales – Implementing software after finalizing sales processes and strategies. It may include sales funnels, payment processors, product delivery networks or platforms, and more.

Customer Support – This is critical. Clear communication and support to customers must be implemented. It may include a knowledge base, self-service portals, live chat, email ticketing system, and even remote support if required.

Seamless integration – How all of these business processes work together in alignment is the key to real online business growth.

It is not an exhaustive list, but these are the essential business processes where the systems must be in place for online business growth.”

If you plan to launch an online business or already running one, you might want to consider Abhay Sharma’s suggestions to launch and scale your online business.