Uttarakhand: Expert committee formed to examine water leakage in Tambakhani tunnel

3 August, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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Local residents have expressed worries about the potential consequences of the water seepage within the Tambakhani tunnel and fear structural damage or instability.

An inquiry committee has been set up in response to the alarming water leakage problem discovered inside the Tambakhani tunnel situated on the Gangotri National Highway. The main objective of this committee is to thoroughly investigate the cause of the leakage and devise effective measures to prevent any further issues.

The concern came to light on Wednesday, prompting the local authorities to take swift action and initiate a comprehensive inquiry. Uttarkashi District Magistrate (DM) Abhishek Ruhela confirmed the formation of the inquiry committee, stating, “An inquiry committee has been formed regarding the huge amount of water leakage in the tunnel.”

The Tambakhani tunnel, a significant infrastructure project, was constructed about ten years ago, involving a substantial expenditure of more than Rs 13 crore. However, the recent water leakage has raised questions about the tunnel’s integrity and the effectiveness of its construction.

Local residents have expressed worries about the potential consequences of the water seepage, fearing that it might lead to structural damage or instability within the tunnel. The situation has also been causing inconvenience and difficulties for the Chardham Yatra pilgrims and the local population due to the presence of leaking water and mud inside the tunnel.

Given the importance of the Tambakhani tunnel as part of the Gangotri National Highway and its significance for transportation and pilgrimage, the authorities are taking the matter very seriously. The inquiry committee’s findings and recommendations are eagerly awaited to address the issue promptly and prevent any further disruptions to the tunnel’s functionality and safety.

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