Saturday, December 2, 2023

Failure is your best friend: Author and Entrepreneur Satyapal Chandra

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Satyapal Chandra, Author, Founder & CEO, MagTapp, joined NewsX for a conversation where NewsX recognised the author for his excellence in thought leadership under the special series of NewsX India A-List.

In the exclusive conversation, the nationally acclaimed author opened up about his mythological fiction – “A promise among the dark wins,” and much more.

Satyapal Chandra illuminated some aspects of his book, which is set in two different timelines. One of them is set around 20,000 years ago, on the other hand, the story is set in the current times where the lead protagonists meet and have the revelation of their lives which is basically that Annie was a golden angel in her last birth and Ravi was a monster.

The story is a mythological love story as suggested by the author himself set in a fictional city – Simphala. Talking about the research which went into building the story from the grass root level, he elucidated that he researched a lot about rare astronomical events which included a detailed study on planetary alignment.

Chandra also shed some light on his Mag Tapp (Magical Tapping) application which is an indigenous application that revolves around the concept of being a visual dictionary having 40 lakh plus users spending an average of 15 – 20 minutes on the application.

The entrepreneur also reiterated that the application is becoming the first point of contact for a lot of Indians who still are deprived of smartphones. He has put his endeavours in this application as once a waiter denied him to serve as he was not able to put his order in English.

Post this he came up with a stern resolve to learn the language in just 6 months’ time. While learning the language he also learned that there’s a lot of potential in the language.

Upon being asked about what success and failure have taught him, he said failure is your best friend and it guides you to your best decisions which lead to success.

Speaking about the point of similarity between entrepreneurship and being an author, Chandra said the striking similarity between the two is you get to create meaning out of nothing.

In a closing note, he exclusively told NewsX that the readers can expect a series of sequels to his current book, and he has 2 companies in the pipeline which will pertain to renewal energy and consumer electronics. His only advice to the youngster is to have an obsession rather than have to passion.

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