First eve in doping case from Motor Sports

10 July, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Mrinalini Singh Sports

Formula-4 elegant driver Mrinalini Singh has drug tested positive for a banned substance from a random sample taken during the National Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore.

Doping is the deliberate or accidental (Inadvertent) by athletes of banned drugs or substance or method that may increase performance. Doping another side of the coin is inadvertent doping – when an athlete uses medication to treat an ailment, it contains banned substance and as a result, returns a positive drug test result. In this problematic situation, even though the athlete is not taking the drug purposefully to improve performance, a drug or substance or blood transfusion, a drug or allied, positive test may still result in Penalisation.

The main reason why the Olympic movement, the IOC and the WADA or NADA, in particular, is major concerned by the problems created by doping is that they violate fundamental of the Olympic philosophy. No doubt, the aim of the anti-doping fight is to secure athlete health, defend the principles of medical and sports ethics and health and uphold equal chances for one and all.

Formula-4 elegant driver Mrinalini Singh has drug tested positive for a banned substance from a random sample taken during the National Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore (also known as Kovi) in Tamil Nadu in July 2019. She is the first eve in doping case from Indian Motor Sports.

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The Indian National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) conveyed to her it had found a beta-blocked (a group of drugs) used to help people with a heart problem (eg high blood pressure) This drug slow down the heart rate and reduce hand tremor. Nada application has been available online since Jan; 2020 but was formally launched recently.

Jawahar Lal Jain, Former Medical Administrator, a sports medicine expert and WHO Fellow in Sports Medicine (USA) emphasized the continuous doping testing is essential for a young athlete. WADA Motto: Play true is the need of the hour.` Live chat with The Daily Guardian, Dr Jain said that a couple of days back official launches a mobile application by NADA to provide by athlete or general players easy to access information.`

Former Dope Director, Sports Authority of India, Dr Shila Jain said `Beta-blockers will only be tested for in sports where they are likely to enhance performance for example shooting, Archery, Motor Racing, Bob Slight, Diving, Luge, Modern Pentathlon, Ski Jumping etc. She further said and advice to players if in doubt, check it out! by seeing NADA mobile application.`

Back to Mrinalini Singh has responded to NADA with her doctor report. No doubt the substances are banned for health, ethical and legal reasons – Basically WADA has established Motto: Play true.` In fact, the research by the cheats always says one or two-step ahead of policing.

The International Olympic Committee, under its President Thomas Bach has always approved a blanked ban. Bach has maintained that favours `individual justice over collective punishment. In last December 2019, the WADA announced a decision to ban Russia from world sporting competitions for a period of four years. WADA found a `deeply rooted culture of cheating` in Russian athletics.

According to the Drug Education Handbook – `Khel Dawaon Ka` Dr J.L. Jain and Shila Jain EPO, could lead to allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, a severe form of generalized allergic reaction that can result in the fatal day. EPO has been banned since the early 1990s, a test for EPO introduced at the 2000 summer Olympic Games at Sydney.

The writer is a former Associate Professor of Delhi University.

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