Frank Lampard regrets hurling abuses at Jurgen Klopp

25 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

Jurgen Klopp and Frank Lampard Sports

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has already said that he felt guilty yammering toward Liverpool on the day of a Premier League clash at Anfield Stadium. Lampard had ended up finding himself in a shou...

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has said that he regrets ranting against Liverpool during a Premier League clash at Anfield Stadium. Lampard had found himself in a war of words during a thrilling encounter which ended in a 5-3 defeat for his side. After the match, one of the videos went viral on social media as well, in which the Chelsea boss was seen really angry at Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

“To be honest, I have seen the video and I was there. In terms of the language I used, I do regret that. These things get played a lot on social media. I have two young daughters on social media, but in terms of my passion to defend my team, then no regrets,” quoted Lampard as saying.

“I would have had a beer with Jurgen Klopp to toast their success. There were things I didn’t like from their bench, not Jurgen Klopp, but their bench. Emotions run high in this game,” he added. Lampard had clashed against Klopp’s assistant Pep Lijnders during Chelsea’s 3-5 defeat against Liverpool last week as well.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has bit back at Chelsea boss Frank Lampard, saying that his side is not “arrogant”.
His remark comes as Lampard had clashed against Klopp’s assistant Pep Lijnders during Chelsea’s 3-5 defeat against Liverpool last week. After this week, Lampard has warned Liverpool to not get too arrogant.

“We are not arrogant, we are pretty much the opposite. But in a moment like this in an argument, you want to say something to hurt the other person. I have no problem with that but at the final whistle close the book. He didn’t do that and that is what I don’t like,” quoted Klopp as saying.

“You cannot hit me and my bench with something like that because we are not arrogant. Frank was obviously in a really competitive mood and I respect that a lot. From my point of view in this sort of situation, you can say pretty much what you want. For me, after the game it is completely over,” he added.

When asked whether he failed to keep an argument with a fellow coach just to the field, Klopp replied: “I don’t remember but probably, yes.” “I really don’t know. I respect all the other coaches. When you have a little look at yourself and know how outraged you can be in different situations – because we all have our own subjective view on a situation: foul, no foul, handball, and you feel that it’s not fair and you feel you cannot wait until after the game. That happens,” he added.

Liverpool has already secured the Premier League 2019-20 season as the side has an unassailable lead at the top.
The side was presented with the Premier League trophy after the match against Chelsea on Wednesday.
Liverpool will take on Newcastle United in their final league game on Sunday, July 26.

 Chelsea is currently at the the fourth place in the Premier League standings with 63 points from 37 matches. The side will take on Wolves in their final Premier League game. If Chelsea manages to win this match, then the Frank Lampard-side would qualify for the Champions League. 

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