From his urge to serve the country better in terms of healthcare to providing high-quality, affordable diagnostics: Suresh Vazirani shares his inspiring journey

22 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Suresh Vazirani A List

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list, Suresh Vazirani, Chairman & Managing Director, Transasia Biomedicals Ltd shares his vision and pioneering insights on d...

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list, Suresh Vazirani, Chairman & Managing Director, Transasia Biomedicals Ltd shares his vision and pioneering insights on diagnostics and healthcare in India.

Vazirani talks about his company which has been making high-quality diagnostics affordable and accessible to the masses not just in India but worldwide. “We are 100% made in India company and we started in 1979. I was part of the Jay Prakash Narayan movement and like thousands of other people and I began to see my country in a new light. But why are we so poor? We are suffering too much. We had everything that’s required to be a great country, but somehow was not happening. This was the part of my awakening and towards the late 70s, JP had to be on dialysis very often. Sadly during the time in India, there were only two places in the whole of India, where they had dialysis where most of the time the machines would not work.”

Vazirani got too absorbed looking at the sad state of healthcare in the country which led to a major turning point in his life. “We had very few facilities in the country and no manufacturers, everything was imported. I strongly believed the best person to start is oneself if I want something to happen in the country or in the world. I decided that I will start a service like that where I can serve the hospitals and the people of my country, and provide the necessary, affordable test.”

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Talking about his brand and the real USP and driving force behind it, Vazirani says “Our brand stands for serving the people of our country in an honest business that provides good quality, affordable products. End of March when Prime Minister Modi announced the lockdown for the country, this is when I spoke to my team to see it as an opportunity to transition and serve a country that we’ve been wanting to. When lockdown came there was only one laboratory in India doing COVID tests. I thought for a country of 1.2 billion people they are going to just die without testing. So we got our research and development team to start developing the test. Fortunately, we have our R&D setups also in Europe and America. We’ve got our scientists there to start work along with our Indian scientists.”

Throwing light on his journey so far while building the brand on his own, Vazirani shared with us a very amazing experience, “ after seeing Jaya Prakash’s conditions and the lack of healthcare in India, and the equipment.I wanted to innovate and help a country. I founded Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. with a measly investment of Rs. 250 with a conviction that we will provide India’s needs for affordable, reliable, quality Diagnostics. I chose diagnostics because in a country like India should focus more on prevention, rather than cure. That is why I believe that we got into diagnostics to help people prevent diseases.”

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Sharing his future plans the visionary said “Medical field and technology is changing very fast and fantastic new solutions are coming in every day. This is the most exciting field in terms of technology and we want to do our part. But realizing in India we do not have a strong medical research base. That’s why we went out to Europe and America and acquired about 15 companies in Europe and America who have the technology to give us products that countries like India need. Our idea is to be able to meet all the needs of India, in terms testings and not only today but continue to do it as the technology grows”

On a concluding note, Vazirani shares inspiring advice to the young entrepreneurs who should and need to serve the country and says there should be room for bigger goals because very often the goals are very small wanting to simply make fast money.

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