Tuesday, November 28, 2023

From sacrilege to security breach: Who wants Punjab disturbed?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy was brought to a halt by protestors on January 5, Wednesday at Moga-Ferozepur Highway. PM’s cavalcade was blocked 30 km from India-Pak border and was in plain sight for 20 minutes. As per a number of articles that have flooded social media in the past couple of days, it is evident that SFJ’s Pannu and Co was planning this. Yet the breach took place. Hence, isn’t it high time to nab people who orchestrated it and are behind the major security lapse. 

Who are responsible for PM’s security? It is the responsibility of the local police to sanitise the entire route. SPG allows PM to move only after a go-ahead from local police. If route changes, contingency plan is always made in advance and state informed. Three days 

Why is the breach worrying? VVIP convoy at a dead stop is extremely vulnerable to snipers, bombers etc. It is open to mobs of unruly protestors who might try to overwhelm the vehicle. The breach at border region makes it even more dangerous with threats from Pakistan. Ferozepur has in the past reported cases of small arts flown in by drones from Pakistan. The state alerted in advance about agitating farmers occupying the highway. Punjab police was required to make logical and security arrangements. 

The big question then arises who is plotting a 1984 redux. If we compare the events that unfolded in 1980s, we will find similarities to the present Punjab. From sacrilege attempts, ludhiana court blast after sacrilege, demands of President’s rule and attempt to pit Hindus vs Sikhs. The fact that something like this was being planned can be seen in multiple articles and warnings. A case in example is of SFJ offering to show shoes to PM Modi 4 days ago. SFJ offered $100,000 to ‘show the shoe’ to PM Modi.

If Pannu & co were orchestrating it from UK, then who is the mole in India? When the farmer unions had given an open call to protest, how was the state police so oblivious? Who was the coordinator of farmers protest? Is it not the responsibility of the state police to secure the perimeter when PM travels? Did the protestors know about the PM’s route? If yes, who informed them? Who was the insider who allegedly leaked the information on PM’s movement? Why did the Punjab police not use force to remove protestors from PM’s route? Are state forces of Punjab compromised and finally how did the protestors manage to strategically place themselves in PM’s route? 

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