Future of the Nation: India’s young changemakers

4 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

India’s young changemakers A List

The young generation of today will lead the nation tomorrow. As a part of NewsX’s Changemaker series, we spoke to 3 bright student changemakers- Aryan Gulati, Samara Mohan and Jaiveer Misra.

The young generation of today will lead the nation tomorrow and as a part of NewsX’s Changemaker series, we spoke to 3 bright student changemakers.

First in the series is, Aryan Gulati, a 17-year-old student from DPS RK Puram. At such a young age Aryan has developed an app called Lung AI. Lung AI is a deep learning-based digital platform to detect and predict Covid-19, lung cancer and 16 other lung abnormalities like pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. “The aim was to make predominantly reliable, fast, low cost, user-friendly and contactless Covid-19 detection accessible to all which should be used for mass surveillance or individual uses.

Aryan Gulati

Aryan Gulati

This website is a culmination of 6 different machine learning-based detection models that work collectively as a unit for Covid-19 and other lung diseases”. Simplistically, the application depends upon machine learning, neural networks deployed, data available and methodology of training the models and available data. Aryan says, “My broad model training philosophy was to utilize maximum data for training and a lesser percentage for testing. Distribution of data was done randomly to ensure the best objective and unbiased prediction which results in higher accuracy”.

According to Aryan, in all such models, with more and more data available the model can be continuously changed and refined to increase output accuracy. “The accuracy which I have achieved based on the above methodology on available data sets comes out to be over 90 per cent. All the web application requires is an image of the affected patient’s lung’s CT scan or X-ray to be uploaded, it then tests this image against the Covid-19 detector and there is a probabilistic answer as to whether the user is positive or negative for the coronavirus”. The result is immediate in 3-5 seconds.

Aryan has also added a Covid-19 risk assessment system which records a brief history of the user’s medical conditions and current symptoms to give an added assessment in terms of the user being high, moderate or low at risk which further instructs him to lower the effects of the virus to a large extent as possible. Aryan further tells that, in this application, users can not only diagnose their Covid-19 status but also detect if they have any other lung disorders in case they test negative for Covid-19. For users who find themselves doubtful for any other lung-related disease, “automatic messaging system is incorporated to forward their cases along with findings of the Lung AI diagnosis to doctors listed on the website”, states Aryan Gulati.

Getting this idea wasn’t difficult for Aryan as he says “the prevailing pandemic situation and the critical requirement has some how increased our surveillance and testing capacity was quite evident”. As he was experimenting with Machine Learning, he realized that Machine Learning has the potential to address this world. Aryan wanted to develop a testing method that is reliable and does not require contact as the current testing procedure does.
Aryan told, “I have entered this application in the aatm nirbhar Bharat ideathon organized by the HRD Ministry”. He has been selected as the winner in the sustainable environment category for his project. Talking about his plans with the project, Aryan said, ” To take this project to its logical conclusion, I have approached ICMR and I’m currently in dialogue with their representatives to analyze my project and provide any assistance to further refine and test my model”.Aryan feels that a formal methodology to be able to interact with doctors and professionals during the incubation phase of his project would have been immensely helpful.

Another student change-maker and musician, Jaiveer Misra joined NewsX for an exclusive interview. Jaiveer was born into a musical family. There were singers and pianists in his maternal family. “My journey started when I started playing with my grandmother’s piano at the age of 4”. Jaiveer has a strong and special connection with music. As he says “I feel like I’m able to express my true feelings to any composition that I write or the song that I chose to cover”. Jaiveer produces hip-hop and R&B music mostly, he is into other genres as well. As he talks more about his journey, he said “I tried to make music based on experiences of my own, like my personal experiences. But I tried to generalise my lyrics a little bit so that listeners can still feel the emotions that I’m trying to convey while relating them to similar experiences that they have had”.

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Jaiveer Misra

Most of Jaiveer’s inspiration comes from great artists of jazz and blues and some modern artists like Bryson Tiller and Summer Walker. Speaking about what inspires Jaiveer, he also mentioned, “Events around me are a very big factor to me making music and they give me a huge amount of inspiration such as pandemic during these days”. Looking at the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Jaiveer decided to cover a song called ‘glorious’. He said, “it’s a tribute to the courage of health care workers across the world and those who are working in the area of mental health”. Jaiveer started an initiative, “Simply Music” where popular song covers are performed that are digitally delivered to students across schools through the enrichment program.

At such a young age, his work has been submitted for Commonwealth society competition in the UK. Jaiveer wrote a song which is called ‘I dream. The song aims to build environmental awareness and respect for the planet. As quoted by Jaiveer, “A balance between mankind and nature is essential for our future well-being. So this song highlights the issues and the opening line of the song goes, I dream of a future where the earth’s at peace and this encompasses the main thought behind the song”.

Jaiveer is mentoring through music through a community impact project that he has taken up. “The aim was to reach students at low-income school who do not have the access to musical facilities means for musical recreation, so I started conducted many interactive masterclasses in Hindi”. Jaiveer has also performed live at several events. His covers are available on his youtube channel called Jaiveer Misra.

Samara Mohan is another young student change-maker who sat with NewsX for an exclusive interview. Samara recognises herself as a social justice activist who is trying to bring about a change in her local community and society. “I’m trying to bring about more kindness in my community and society as a whole”. Samara does so by having conversations over important sensitive issues that people do not generally want to discuss. She talks to her schoolmates about contemporary politics, writes about issues lack of mental health awareness, the stigma surrounding feminism and equality for all through her poems and articles. Samara is active on social media, she believes that social media can either be used to bring their self up or bring someone else down. “There’s always a chance like getting into trouble, doing wrong things but social media can also be a really powerful tool to spread awareness and use it as a way to spread your activism”. Samara believes that mental health is one of the most important topics that need to be addressed more discussed more often. “We all have mental issues sometimes in our life be it depression, just feeling sad. One in four people have a diagnosable mental health issue and we hide it so much but we shouldn’t”.

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Samara Mohan

Samara also mentioned that she had anxiety as well and in the past, she has dealt with depression and she finds it normal to talk about it. She has also been a part of an organization that addresses mental health problems. “I’ve been connecting kids to psychologists and psychiatrists because that’s important”. 11th-grade student Samara also keeps interested in dancing. She started dancing when she was just 4 years old. She is into western dancing and mainly does jazz and contemporary forms of dance. Samara uses her dance to spread change and awareness as well. Not just activism and dance, Samara is also great at mathematics. “I’ve been teaching math to several kids”. Samara is currently studying math and social justices courses with Harvard Summer School programme.